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August 16, 2016 / 1 Comments

Github Projects

StaCoAn is a crossplatform tool which aids developers, bugbounty hunters and ethical hackers performing static code analysis on mobile applications.
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Firewall bypass script based on DNS history records. This script will search for DNS A history records and check if the server replies for that domain. Handy for bugbounty hunters.
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Twitter Activity

Received my #OSCP certification from @offsectraining!
Thanks @KoenClaes_, @Sander__VdB_ and my colleagues @zionsecofficial for the help in this journey, while they just could say... #TryHarder! Also a shoutout to @ehrishiraj for his amazing tool SwiftnessX (note taking app). ❤️

Pushed a lot of new improvements to ! Be sure to try the `-a` flag, this will test every subdomain for a bypass 🎯, especially useful for #BugBounty. The readme file now includes an explanation about what a WAF bypass actually is. @binitamshah @KitPloit

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